57th Year Speech and Prize Giving Day

All roads lead to Saltpond on Saturday, 25 March 2017 for the 57th Year Speech and Prize Giving Day. The is event is sponsored by the 1986 Year Group; and co-sponsored by the 1992 Year Group.  Come in your numbers and make your alma mater proud, Click for more details


The 10th edition of the MOGA Newsletter is hot off the press. Click here to read

The Executive Committee welcomes your suggestions and ideas in making this information leaflet an effective tool for the advancement of our Alma Mater. Inputs should be sent to: moga@mfantsiman.org.


Spotlight on MOGA 

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Current Projects

In line with our fundraising objectives and to keep the school resourced and maintained at a very high standard, the Project Develpement Committee have recently drawn up a comprehensive project basket. This project basket has taken into consideration the priority needs of the school as well as its general needs which will be developed progressively.  All year groups and chapters and affiliates of MOGA are encouraged to consult this list whenever they elect to execute a project at the school. Click to view the project basket.


Past Projects

1. Visual Arts Studio
One of the major outcomes of  Homecoming 2006 was a direct request by the student populace to MOGA for the construction of new Visual Arts Studio.  The project started in October 2007 with seed money from the launch of the Endowment Fund and the Homecoming celebrations.  This project was finally completed in March 2017.



*All are required to consult the Project Development Committee for approval, before embarking on any project in the name of MOGA.