57th Year Speech and Prize Giving Day

All roads lead to Saltpond on Saturday, 25 March 2017 for the 57th Year Speech and Prize Giving Day. The is event is sponsored by the 1986 Year Group; and co-sponsored by the 1992 Year Group.  Come in your numbers and make your alma mater proud, Click for more details


The 10th edition of the MOGA Newsletter is hot off the press. Click here to read

The Executive Committee welcomes your suggestions and ideas in making this information leaflet an effective tool for the advancement of our Alma Mater. Inputs should be sent to: moga@mfantsiman.org.


Spotlight on MOGA 

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Sponsored Walk & Family Fun Day (Homecoming pre-event)
A Sponsored Walk & Family Fun Day will held on Saturday, 30 June 2012.  The walk route will be from Accra Sports Stadium (Osu) to El Wak Stadium (Cantoments). 

Raise some funds for our dear Alma Mater from your friends, families and colleagues.  Sponsored walk fundraising cards can be picked up from: Ruth Aryee (0242 263 634); Wendy Nunoo (0244 412 903) and Doreen Addo (020 813 2626).   Click here for programme details.

Homecoming 2012
This year's Homecoming event will take place in Saltpond from 2-5 August 2012.  Click here for detailed programme.